a field guide to bottlenecks

Field Guide to Bottlenecks was developed by Chelsea Wills and Kyle Lane-McKinley on behalf of the building collective for the Ebb & Flow Arts Festival.


Field Guide to Bottlenecks is a mobile story collecting unit that explores how people interact with place based on their experiences of it. Participants are invited to document personal reflections about the history and ecology of the San Lorenzo river by recording their responses to key questions (below) and submitting those recordings for inclusion on a map of how we think differently about the San Lorenzo River. Additionally, attendees of the Ebb & Flow Arts Festival, a project of the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County, are invited to listen to stories of the San Lorenzo gleaned from historical archives, while riding along with us in a custom built camera obscura, on the front of a cargo-tricycle. In these ways, we invite publics to share what they know about their waterway, and rethink what they think they know.

Learn more at http://fieldguidetobottlenecks.org



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