building ideas

participatory performance

the building collective visited the Santa Cruz flea market on two occasions in February 2010. On our first outing, we attempted to buy ideas for art projects from the vendors, but found surprisingly few people willing to sell their ideas. Our revelation was that people don’t go to the flea market looking for money, they go looking for cool stuff. So for our next visit to the flea market, we set up a stall of our own, and attempted to trade some things that we had found and some things that we had made for ideas of what building should build in the new Digital Arts Research Center building.

We met a lot of interesting people, and in trade for our wares received several dozen interesting ideas. Several of these have served as inspiration for subsequent building projects, though we not have, as of yet, proven inventive enough to physically manifest any of these ideas directly in the DARC. We did, however, build an archive of the ideas and display portraits of participants, audio recordings of our conversations with them, and records of their ideas in March 2010.

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